Some of my favorite links are:-


North East Moths - Useful site for info where you can see what is flying

Macrolepidoptera of Durham & Northumberland  

Yorkshire Butterfly Conservation Website - includes recent sightings section

Yorkshire Moths - Yorkshire Moths, internet discussion group and butterfly plants

Mostlymacro - A new moth blog from Dean Stables in Barnsley area, South Yorkshire

Mothing Equipment

Paul Batty's Mothing Gear

Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies

Biota Mothing Gear

Bulbs Lamps & Tubes Direct - worth checking for bulb prices

Moth ID Sites

UKMoths - Great site for ID'ing moths

Jeff Higgott's Moth Site - Another good moth ID site

Leicestershire and Rutland Moth Group

Hants Moths

Bird Tours

Schiffornis Bird Tours - a few pictures of moths taken on one of their Costa Rica trips below

Bulls-eye Silk Moth (Rancho) 1.JPG (19880 bytes) Moth Sp. (Carara) 001.JPG (129694 bytes) Moth Sp. 002 (Rancho).JPG (28154 bytes) Moth Sp. 009 (Rancho).JPG (37530 bytes)

Moth Sp. 001 (Rancho).JPG (20719 bytes)  Moth Sp. 011 (Rancho).JPG (40742 bytes) Rothschilds Moth (Rancho).JPG (18969 bytes) Sphynx Moth (Rancho).JPG (28981 bytes)